3GPP SWm  Application ( 16777264 )

The SWm reference point is located between 3GPP AAA Server/Proxy and Access Network Gateway (AGW) and is used for AAA transport of mobility parameters, tunnel authentication and authorization data. The SWm interface provides authentication based on reuse of the DER/DEA command set defined in Diameter Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP).
Reference:  3GPP TS29.273   View



Re-Auth-Request-SWm 258
Re-Auth-Answer-SWm 258
AA-Request-SWm 265
AA-Answer-SWm 265
Diameter-EAP-Request-SWm 268
Diameter-EAP-Answer-SWm 268
Abort-Session-Request-SWm 274
Abort-Session-Answer-SWm 274
Session-Termination-Request-SWm-ePDG-Initiated 275
Session-Termination-Answer-SWm-ePDG-Initiated 275
Session-Termination-Request-SWm-AAA-Initiated 275
Session-Termination-Answer-SWm-AAA-Initiated 275