CSV File Name  <csv> 

Name of comma-separated value (CSV) file to be imported
When provided, the system will attempt to parse the named file as a CSV file, and overlay its contents on the database values initialized by the XML contents. The CSV file MUST have a header line which names attributes that are elements in the XML contents, and the row index shall represent the subscriber record index with the database. Processing will gracefully stop at the last row of the CSV file (even if fewer rows than subscribers) or when/if the number of rows exceeds the number of subscribers in the database. For complex sub-elements (such as profiles (Subscription, SmartProfile, ...), the contents of the column name should be the name of an existing profile. For SmartBuffers columns, the value of the row shall be used as the local buffer value for the subscriber matching the row index. The first SmartBuffers column will be buffer 1, and the second will be 2, and so on... Example CLI command to specify csv file: >node:node_name subscriber_database:csv:filename




  none, only used if provided




Subscriber Database <subscriber_database> SubDatabaseConfigType