ESM Dedicated Bearer Reject Cuase  <esm_dedicated_bearer_reject_cause> 

This Parameter provide a method of forcing the UE to send a dedicated bearer reject message with the supplied cause code.
Used in:  s1
Reference: 3GPP TS36.413




  none. Only sent if configured.
operator_determined_barring Operator Determined Barring
insufficient_resources Insufficient Resources
missing_or_unknown_apn Missing or Unknown APN
unknown_pdn_type Unknown PDN Type
user_authentication_failed User Authentication Failed
request_rejected_by_serving_gw_or_pdn_gw Request Rejected by Serving GW or PDN GW
request_rejected_unspecified Request Rejected Unspecified
service_option_not_supported Service Option not Supported
requested_service_option_not_subscribed Requested Service Option not Subscribed
service_option_temporarily_out_of_order Service Option Temporarily Out of Order
pti_already_in_use PTI Already in use
regular_deactivation Regular Deactivation
eps_qos_not_accepted EPS QoS not Accepted
network_failure Network Failure
reactivation_requested Reactivation Requested
semantic_error_in_the_tft_operation Semantic Error in the TFT Operation
syntactical_error_in_the_tft_operation Syntactical Error in the TFT Operation
invalid_eps_bearer_identity Invalid EPS Bearer Identity
semantic_errors_in_packet_filter Semantic Errors in Packet Filter
syntactical_errors_in_packet_filter Syntactical Errors in Packet Filter
unused Unused
pti_mismatch PTI Mismatch
last_pdn_disconnection_not_allowed Last PDN Disconnection not Allowed
pdn_type_ipv4_only_allowed PDN Type IPv4 Only Allowed
pdn_type_ipv6_only_allowed PDN Type IPv6 Only Allowed
pdn_type_ipv4V6_only_allowed PDN Type IPv4v6 Only Allowed
pdn_type_non_ip_only_allowed PDN Type non IP Only Allowed
single_address_bearers_only_allowed Single Address Bearers Only Allowed
esm_information_not_received ESM Information not received
pdn_connection_does_not_exist PDN Connection Does not Exist
multiple_pdn_connections_for_a_given_apn_not_allowed Multiple PDN Connections for a Given APN not Allowed
collision_with_network_initiated_request Collision With Network Initiated Request
unsupported_qci_value Unsupported QCI Value
bearer_handling_not_supported Bearer Handling not Supported
pdn_type_ethernet_only_allowed PDN Type Ethernet only Allowed
maximum_number_of_eps_bearers_reached Maximum Number of EPS Bearers Reached
requested_apn_not_supported_in_current_rat_and_plmn Requested APN Not Supported in Current RAT and PLMN
invalid_pti_value Invalid PTI Value
semantically_incorrect_message Semantically Incorrect Message
invalid_mandatory_information Invalid Mandatory Information
message_type_non_existent_or_not_implemented Message Type non Existent or not Implemented
message_type_not_compatible_with_the_protocol_state Message Type not Compatible with the Protocol State
information_element_non_existent_or_not_implemented Information Element non Existent or not Implemented
conditional_ie_error Conditional IE Error
message_not_compatible_with_the_protocol_state Message not Compatible With the Protocol State
protocol_error_unspecified Protocol Error Unspecified
apn_restriction_value_incompatible APN Restriction Value Incompatible
multiple_accesses_to_a_pdn_connection_not_allowed Multiple Accesses to a PDN Connection not Allowed




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