Control-Plane-Data-Transfer-Information  <cPDTSCERecord> 

CP Data Transfer Domain Charging Data Record definition
Used in:  Bcp
Reference: TS 32.253

Specifies a template for validating CDRs received by a OFCS node or for generating CDRs to be transmitted towards a OFCS from a CDF node.

A variety of element attributes provide the ability to configure templates that simply validate the structure of incoming data records, templates that validate both the structure and the information contained in incoming data records, and templates that generate complete or partial data records. Multiple templates may be provisioned in a OFCS node, causing validation to continue until a record is successfully validated against one of the templates or until validation has been attempted against each of the templates.

Element values can be explicitly defined in a template or, where applicable, can be drawn from the Subscriber Database, from the node configuration, or from other values generated during run-time (e.g. sequence numbers) as indicated by the source attribute. Values for generic value elements must be explicitly defined in the template.

Record validation: Depending on the element value type, the presence, min/max value or length, and pattern attributes may be included to define validation boundaries. When a static value is defined, validation will fail unless the incoming record contains a matching value. When the value source is computed or subscriber, the incoming value is validated against the referenced value. When a value is not defined, only the presence of the element is validated. The presence of container elements can be validated, as can min/max occurrences.

Record generation: A static value must be provided unless source is computed or subscriber. When a static value is used the same value is always sent. Variable values are only supported when the source is computed or subscriber, or when at least min_value is defined (integer values only). When presence is optional and value source is not static the element is only included if the referenced value is available.

NOTE: servedIMSI is always drawn from the subscriber database regardless of the source setting or the presence of a static value.


name nameType





Served IMSI <servedIMSI> 0 .. * cdrImsiType
Served MSISDN <servedMSISDN> 0 .. * cdrIsdnType
Charging ID <chargingID> 0 .. * cdrSourcedValidatedUint32Type
Charging ID <serviceContextID> 0 .. * cdrSourcedValidatedStringType
Node ID <nodeID> 0 .. * cdrNodeIdType
Record Opening Type <recordOpeningTime> 0 .. * cdrTimeStampType
Duration <duration> 0 .. * cdrValidatedUint64Type
Access Point Name NI <accessPointNameNI> 0 .. * cdrSourcedValidatedStringType
SCEF ID <sCEFID> 0 .. * cdrValidatedStringType
Charging Characteristics <chargingCharacteristics> 0 .. * cdrChargingCharType
Ch Selection Mode <chChSelectionMode> 0 .. * cdrValidatedUint8Type
Serving Node Identity <servingNodeIdentity> 0 .. * cdrValidatedStringType
Cause For Record Closing <causeForRecClosing> 0 .. * cdrClosingCauseType
Diagnostics <diagnostics> 0 .. * cdrSourcedValidatedUint32Type
Local Sequence Number <localSequenceNumber> 0 .. * cdrSourcedValidatedUint32Type
Record Sequence Number <recordSequenceNumber> 0 .. * cdrSourcedValidatedUint32Type
Record Extensions <recordExtensions> 0 .. * cdrSourcedValidatedUint32Type
RAT Type <rATType> 0 .. * cdrRatType
Serving Node PLMN Id <servingNodePLMNIdentifier> 0 .. * cdrPlmnIdType
Served IMEI <servedIMEI> 0 .. * cdrImeiType
Serving PLMN Rate Control <servingPLMNRateControl> 0 .. * servingPLMNRateControlType
List Of NIDD Submission <listOfNIDDsubmission> 0 .. * ListOfNIDDsubmissionType
External Identifier <externalIdentifier> 0 .. * externalIdentifierType
APN Rate Control <aPNRateControl> 0 .. * APNRateControlType



Charging Data Record Profile <cdr_profile> cdrProfileType
Charging Data Record Profile <cdr_profile> cdrProfileCommandType