Collect Information for Support Request

If support is needed from Developing Solutions, the GUI can help automate the collection of all the necessary files to submit as part of a support request.


The Collect Test Results... button, at the lower right of the workspace window, becomes available after exiting the RUNNING state, and the workspace will roll the log prior to transmitting a configuration. The button presents a standalone window that allows the user to either collect the OM databases resulting from the test or collect the files necessary for support assistance. If the workspace window was open from the time the configuration was transmitted, the remote files displayed will be filtered by time stamp and only those written to after the log was rolled are shown. The workspace window may be closed as all pertinent information is conveyed to the collection window. If the workspace was opened while the test was active all files from the run directory are shown and the user must select the appropriate files. All files collected are zipped to the destination file specified by the user and a popup dialog will notify the user when the file is ready.


The remote file list will include all dsTest and log files, pcap files, and OM databases, any CSV files associated with the workspace, and an exported workspace bundle will be added automatically to the zip file. The user can add any local files that might be useful, such as a message flow diagram, requirements, specification, etc. If the start time was available from the workspace all remote files in the filtered list will be downloaded by default, however if the user selects specific files only those files will be included. If a streaming error is causing many log files to be filled, for example, it may make more sense to only include the first and last log files along with the database and pcap files.


The collector watches for locked files. If a file to be downloaded is locked, the user can choose to either spawn a background task that will wait for the lock to clear before continuing with the download or cancel and try again later. This capability has also been added to the report source dialog when downloading a database from the server.


For more information on submitting a support request/getting help, see Getting Help.