SendIdentificationArg  Message

The MAP_SEND_IDENTIFICATION service is used between a VLR and a previous VLR to retrieve imsi and authentication data for a subscriber registering afresh in that VLR. It may also be used to send the MSC number from a VLR to a previous VLR. This operation package includes the operations required for inter VLR information retrieval procedures. within a dialogue numberOfRequestedVectors shall be present in the first service request and shall not be present in subsequent service requests. If received in a subsequent service request it shall be discarded.
Reference: TS 29.002-f30



Application ID:

  Application: 3GPP G

Application Context:


Contained Information Elements



Value Source

tmsi 1 .. 1 G: tmsi
numberOfRequestedVectors 0 .. 1 G: request_vectors
segmentationProhibited 0 .. 1 G: segmentation
msc-Number 0 .. 1 G: msc_number
previous-LAI 0 .. 1
hopCounter 0 .. 1
mtRoamingForwardingSupported 0 .. 1
newVLR-Number 0 .. 1
new-lmsi 0 .. 1