UpdateVcsgLocationArg  Message

This procedure is used by the VLR or SGSN to register the MS in the CSS when the VPLMN supports Autonomous CSG Roaming and the HPLMN has enabled Autonomous CSG Roaming in the VPLMN and the MS has requested an initial attach or a location area procedure or a routing area procedure to a CSG cell and the VLR or SGSN has not yet registered the MS in the CSS. The MAP_UPDATE_VCSG_LOCATION service is a confirmed service
Reference: TS 29.002-f30



Application ID:

  Application: 3GPP Hv

Application Context:


Contained Information Elements



Value Source

imsi 1 .. 1 Hv: imsi
msisdn 0 .. 1 Hv: msisdn
vlr-Number 0 .. 1 Hv: vlr_number
sgsn-Number 0 .. 1 Hv: sgsn_number
extensionContainer 0 .. 1